Disparity Coin
The most valueable currency
The most valueable currency
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A virtual currency depicting the value immigrants add --
and the price they pay to do it.

In a recent Leger survey for the ICC, 30% of newcomers under 35 say they are likely to leave Canada in the next two years, mostly due to the effects of this pay inequity. To help Canadians wake up to the harsh reality immigrants face in the job market, we've created "The Disparity Coin", a virtual currency driven by immigration and employment data that highlights newcomers' true value, and the work we must do to ensure they receive it.

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wage disparity/hr

Population change since midnight


+ 604


- 76

Non-permanent resident

+ 86

*Quaterly value of immigrants who have arrived in Canada in the past 4 years per/hr.

Behind the numbers of diversity


1% immigration rate leads to 1.9% GDP growth in Canada


Diverse workplaces experience a 19% higher revenue growth


Diverse companies are 38% more innovative than less diverse ones

About the imagery on the coin

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Monument to Multiculturalism

The "Monument to Multiculturalism" was designed and produced by Italian sculptor, Francesco Perilli, and donated by the Italian community in 1985 to celebrate Toronto's sesquicentennial.

<span class="translation_missing" title="translation missing: en.home.alts.boat">Boat</span>

Liner SS Nieuw Amsterdam

On March 8, 1928, the Holland America liner SS Nieuw Amsterdam (1905) became the first ship to bring immigrants to Canada through the new terminal of Pier 21.